[linux-dvb] Re: udev problem with ASUSTeK P7131 Dual

Frédéric Massot frederic at juliana-multimedia.com
Fri Oct 27 18:01:35 CEST 2006

hermann pitton wrote:
> Am Dienstag, den 24.10.2006, 19:55 +0200 schrieb Frédéric Massot:
> dunno, saa7134-dvb and saa7134-alsa seems to be loaded manually or by
> options in /etc/modprobe.conf or similar, but you use a very recent
> version of udev and maybe it is related to, that your subsystem
> 1043:4876 of the new card variant is not known yet.
> Anyway, you might try to
> "hg clone http://linuxtv.org/hg/~hhackmann/v4l-dvb"
> with mercurial installed or to download a gz/bz2 snapshot from Hartmut's
> tip of the tree and use it. (dvb-fe-tda10046.fw)
> This quite different card with new layout and missing firmware eeprom is
> in the auto detection there and you need it for testing DVB-T, after you
> have downloaded recent firmware, preferably from LifeView, with the
> get_dvb_firmware script and put it in the appropriate directory for
> Debian.
> Since you seem to be in France, you should set the secam=L option for
> saa7134 ("modinfo saa7134") for analog television and/or force SECAM-L
> with a TV application like xawtv.
> There is another pitfall in France for DVB-T.
> You very likely will have to add a positive offset of 167000Hz to each
> channel in the initial scan file of your transmitter, else the frontend
> won't lock.
> The current driver tries to switch automatically to the FM/RF antenna
> input when in dvb mode. This works flawlessly for the originally
> supported version of this card. However, for your version we have a
> report, that a radio app needs still to be used once, before the FM/RF
> (dvb-t) antenna input will become active.
> Maybe you can confirm or deny that problem.


Thanks for your answers. :o)

For information, my DVB-T card (subsystem 1043:4876) has these components :
- SAA7131E  (chipset)
- TDA10046A  (chipset)
- TQ 32.110  (Quartz)

The remote control has this reference : PC-39

When I boot without the IR receptor, I have this dmesg output :
   gpio is 0
When I boot with the IR receptor, I have this dmesg output :
   gpio is 40000

I rebuilt the kernel ( with the modules saa7134-dvb and 
saa7134-alsa, when they are loaded with modprobe the directory 
"/dev/dvb" appears. It is astonishing that they should be loaded with 
modprobe so that the directory appears. Is this because it is a version 
under development?

Then, I downloaded (25/10/2006) the bz2 snapshot from Hartmut's tip and 
the firmware (dvb-fe-tda10046.fw) from LifeView. I rebuilt the kernel 
( without V4L and I build the modules from this snapshot.

The card ASUSTeK P7131 Dual is automatically recognized with number 78, 
great !

I connected the internal audio connector of DVB card on the AUX input of 
the sound card.

For analog television, I loaded the module tuner with "secam=L", with 
XdTV I receives the channel, the image is not very stable and I do not 
have a sound. I have an external antenna. Previously with a Pinnacle 
PCTV card (BT848) the image was good and I had the sound, with an 
external cable between the tuner card and the sound card.

For DVB-T television, I use the fr-Vannes scan file, I had a positif 
offset of 167000 Hz in this file. The scan (dvb-utils) command does not 
detect any channel. With Kaffeine, the signal bar graph indicates a 
signal between 60% and 70%, and Kaffeine does not detect any channel.

I tested your trick with the command fmscan, but I had the error message 

I will not be able to continue my tests and save output, I had a problem 
with the hard disk of my PC. There are a days when one should not start 
his PC. :o|

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