[linux-dvb] Re: [patch] MSI TV@nywhere Plus IR remote support

Dwaine Garden dwainegarden at rogers.com
Sat Oct 28 10:10:37 CEST 2006

It looks good to me.   I'm waiting for the patch to be applied and get back to you on my testing...
The Kworld ATSC-110 hdtv card uses the same code.  We can use the same code without duplicating
added code into the saa7134 driver.


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Subject: [patch] MSI TV at nywhere Plus IR remote support

Copied below is a note (sans diff) that I recently sent to the v4l-dvb
mailing list.  Please contact me (either directly or via the v4l-dvb
mailing list) and let me know how I should proceed.


Note regarding this patch: A few of the changes outlined below are
strictly formatting, prettification and "disambiguation" to ensure that
the MSI TV at nywhere MASTER is not confused with the TV at nywhere PLUS (two
completely different boards).  The bulk of the changes are those that
were inspired by orignal work done by Henry Wong, which I adapted
(largely unchanged) to the current codebase.

Shortly after posting my intention to apply this patch, I noted a
(recent) message on this list from the original author asking, in
effect, what had happened to his contribution.  It would seem as if
Henry was making his inquiry just about the same time as I was
re-implementing his work.  If Henry would prefer to drive the process
of submission, I will gladly step aside, as all this is somewhat new to
me - I have some experience as a programmer, but this is my first
attempt at participation in a public open-source project.

As I have an up-and-running linux box (SUSE 10.1 w/ stock
kernel) with a MSI TV at nywhere Plus card installed (and working!) I
would be happy to serve as a testbed for patches relevant to this

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