[linux-dvb] Cam Menu?

Andrew Lyon andrew.lyon at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 20:07:05 CET 2006

> On Mon, Oct 30, 2006 at 04:19:09PM +0000, Andrew Lyon wrote:
> >>On Sat, Oct 28, 2006 at 07:09:32PM +0100, Andrew Lyon wrote:
> >> >Is there any util I can use with Technotrend S-1500 with CI to get
> >> >into the cam menu? The cam has settings that I need to change,
> >> >apparently with a set top box you can go into the cam menu, but I
> >> >cannot find any way with a dvb card on linux.
> >>
> >>Try the "gnutv" app from the dvb-apps repo using the "-cammenu" option
> >>
> >>--
> >>David Härdeman
> >>
> >
> >Does that work for you?
> Yup (using a C-1500)
> ># dmesg | grep frontend
> >DVB: registering frontend 0 (Zarlink MT352 DVB-T)...
> >DVB: registering frontend 1 (ST STV0299 DVB-S)...
> >
> >so I use adapter 1 :
> >
> ># gnutv -cammenu -adapter 1
> >
> >en50221_tl_handle_sb: Received T_SB for connection not in
> >T_STATE_ACTIVE from module on slot 00
> >
> >en50221_stdcam_llci_poll: Error reported by stack:-7
> >
> >en50221_tl_poll: CAWrite failed
> >en50221_stdcam_llci_poll: Error reported by stack:-2
> >
> >mythbackend had been running (and using that adapter) but I stopped it
> >before running gnutv.
> I'd suggest you try it again after a reboot or after unloading/reloading
> the budget-ci module, it seems the CAM module was still active after
> Myth had been using it.

Will do,  system is in use until tomorrow now.

> Also make sure you use recent drivers from the dvb repo, a patch I wrote
> was committed a day or two ago, and without it, my CAM would lock up by
> simply using a remote control (which would in turn produce lots of
> interesting error messages).

I am using a Technotrend S-1500 + CI + CAM, Ive not had errors when
using the remote, but I do get problems with my card/cam if I change
channels too quickly, and sometimes if i just leave myth running in
the main menu, when I watch tv it always gets lock, but I get a blank
screen for a long time and eventually a video error or I have to kill
mythfrontend, stopping the backend, removing and reloading budget_ci
and restarting the backend usually cures it, I ended up adding a menu
item for that but its not a nice solution :(.

Really not sure what is wrong, I can leave it playing a encrypted
channel for days at a time, but if I change channels a few times it
stops working, I have a feeling perhaps the cam is not responding
quickly enough to commands, are there any timeout values I could try

My dvb-s card (Avermedia 777) and Freeview channels do not have the
same problem.


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