[linux-dvb] uk dvb-t offset frequency weirdness

Robert Schlabbach robert_s at gmx.net
Tue Oct 31 18:59:38 CET 2006

From: "Torgeir Veimo" <torgeir at pobox.com>
> I'm getting some strange dvb-t signal and am trying to figure out
> why. Summarized, the transponders I'm received are the following (one
> channel per transponder):
> ITV 1, previously on 481833, now on 482000 (ch 22, negative offset)

Where are you getting this "now" frequency from? Simply from a tuning
attempt, or does the NIT actually reflect the frequency change? Have you
tried running the "raw" stream of these channels through DVBSNOOP to see
what frequencies are reported in the NIT?

Robert Schlabbach
e-mail: robert_s at gmx.net
Berlin, Germany

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