[linux-dvb] DVB driver compile problems with kernel 2.6.19*

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Tue Oct 31 21:02:39 CET 2006

VDR User wrote:
> Thanks for looking into this!  Let me know if there's anything I can do to
> help with testing (keep in mind I'm not a coder though).
> Two things...
> First, linux/config.h doesn't exist anymore so you have to manually remove
> the "#include <linux/config.h>" from the config-compat.h file.  Note, 'make
> clean' wipes config-compat.h so you will have to redo this every time you
> make clean!
> Secondly, in config.h, this patch much be reversed:
>  committer Mauro Carvalho Chehab <mchehab at infradead.org>

Here is a patch that should solve the issue, for now...

This patch should fix the build for 2.6.19, without breaking the build
against prior versions, however, we are losing the kernel configuration.
That's why I am not about to push this into any tree -- 2.6.19 is still
a development kernel.

I haven't built 2.6.19 yet, so I don't yet know what to do about that...
Even still, we're going to have to do this in such a way that
<linux/config.h> is still used for < 2.6.19, while using the new method
for newer kernels...

Anyway, let me know how this works for you.


Michael Krufky

diff -r 7b945ba585c3 v4l/Makefile
--- a/v4l/Makefile	Tue Oct 31 18:33:29 2006
+++ b/v4l/Makefile	Tue Oct 31 14:53:06 2006
@@ -237,7 +237,6 @@
 	@perl \
 	-e 'print "#ifndef __CONFIG_COMPAT_H__\n";' \
 	-e 'print "#define __CONFIG_COMPAT_H__\n\n";' \
-	-e 'print "#include <linux/config.h>\n\n";' \
 	-e 'while(<>) {' \
 	-e '    next unless /^(\S+)\s*:= (\S+)$$/;' \
 	-e '    print "#undef $$1\n";' \
diff -r 7b945ba585c3 v4l/compat.h
--- a/v4l/compat.h	Tue Oct 31 18:33:29 2006
+++ b/v4l/compat.h	Tue Oct 31 14:53:06 2006
@@ -311,7 +311,7 @@

-#ifndef PCIAGP_FAIL
 	#define PCIAGP_FAIL 0

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