[linux-dvb] General approach to scanning for DVB-C and DVB-S

Philip Boucherat philip.boucherat at ntlworld.com
Fri Sep 1 00:23:57 CEST 2006


Just a general question about scanning algorithms for DVB-C and DVB-S ... scanning seems quite a difficult problem for DVB-C as for each possible frequency there are any number of possible symbol rates, and several possible qam values. I can see from the eutelsat web site that there seem to be a limited number of symbol rates for DVB-S, but I can't find any such published information about DVB-C. Basically I just want to find the NIT, and hopefully this will tell me all I need to know to be able to tune to the available channels, but how do you go about finding it in the first place if you have no idea about what symbol rates to use etc.?

Cheers, Phil
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