[linux-dvb] About Lifeview TV Walker DVB-T

Pau Climent i Pérez paucliment at ya.com
Fri Sep 1 20:47:16 CEST 2006


As I said in a recent message, I own a "FlyTV Express Mini DVB-T tuner",
which appears in Window$ as "Lifeview TV Walker DVB-T". Packard-Bell's
web says they're based on "LR0534".

When I do "lsusb", I receive a line which says: "Anubis Electronics
Ltd." (with usb-id 0x10FD)

This usb card is described in the wiki as "unspecified/unknown devices".
What does that exactly mean? Are they compatible in some way?

Is it possible to get the "fw" file required for it? Is anyone watching
TV with that card under Linux right now?

I recently read that Lifeview is somehow related with Typhoon and that
some cards from both resellers/manufacturers use same chipsets.


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