[linux-dvb] someone got DVBWorldDTV Sat / DEXATEK DK-5701 ? supported?

thomas schorpp t.schorpp at gmx.de
Sat Sep 2 08:42:06 CEST 2006

Gunther Mayer wrote:
> Hi,


> can you send me a picture of your card and further info for inclusion to my
> http://www.bttv-gallery.de ?

no, my friend owns the card and will return it to the shop since it hangs 
up at least debian 2.6 or vanilla kernel installed pcs, cause she cant only 
use distro kernels at this time.
get pictures from worlddvb.com or dexatek.com, pls.

> 1st priority:
> - picture of the card, the card backside (high resolution pics if feasible)

no. 1st prio is to remove the deadlock on boot in bttv with this card plugged in 
until 2.6.18 release kernels and next debian sarge 2.6.8 release which makes 
linux installations and dual boot xp/linux unusable. 
i will try this today -blindly- by adding the unknown pci id to hg head below.

i recommend all linux(/xp dual boot) users who want to plug this card in even for use on 
windows only to add

"alias bttv off" to /etc/modprobe.conf or in an extra file /etc/modprobe.d/dvb 
or better blacklist the pci id in hotplug in between to get linux to boot again as emergency measure, 
*before* you plugin this card.

> - lspci -vn


%Fdo.DeviceDesc0% = VideoSection, PCI\VEN_109E&DEV_036E&SUBSYS_20010000
%Fdo.DeviceDesc1% = AudioSection, PCI\VEN_109E&DEV_0878&SUBSYS_20010000

bttv boot message before lock-up confirms this is correct.

> further information:
> - pictures of remote control and of original package (if feasible)

its the big remote control version (worlddvb.com).

> - dmesg when loading the driver

not possible since it deadlocks kernel at boot.
see my both threads on the linux-dvb list.

> - all *.INF from the Windows driver CD


> Regards, Gunther


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