[linux-dvb] All I want is to record TV programs :-(

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Sat Sep 2 12:22:54 CEST 2006

Hi everyone,

I've just moved one of my DVB cards into a new server, but I can't for
the life of me figure out how you're supposed to actually *do* anything
with the card nowadays.

My old server was installed a few years back, and I was using a program
called "dvbrecord" which was being run from within cron, and would
record all my shows to disk (the server has no monitor, so I'm not
interested in watching anything on it, I watch the MPEG TS streams on my
main PC over the network.)

Unforunately dvbrecord doesn't seem to have been touched since 2002 and
no longer works, and I can't find any sort of replacement.  I'm having
enough trouble just trying to figure out how to store all the channel
frequencies in a file...  The drivers are fine, it's just the usermode
utilities I'm lacking.

So - if I were to ask you how to set up a DVB recorder from *scratch*,
where all I wanted to do was schedule programs and have them recorded to
disk (and doing all that via SSH/telnet), what would you suggest?  Is
this even possible now?  It seems like the only alternatives are things
like MythTV and VDR, which are overkill for all I want to do.

I found a couple of promising looking programs - dvbd seems great, but
hasn't been touched since 2004, and "zapdvb" which looks even better,
but of course won't compile.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated!


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