[linux-dvb] All I want is to record TV programs :-(

Tamas, Gergely dice at mfa.kfki.hu
Sun Sep 3 10:36:29 CEST 2006


 > So - if I were to ask you how to set up a DVB recorder from *scratch*,
 > where all I wanted to do was schedule programs and have them recorded to
 > disk (and doing all that via SSH/telnet), what would you suggest?

Try dvbstream from dvbtools .


To record ie. from ProSieben :
dvbstream -ps -f 12480 -p v -D 0 -s 27500 -v 255 -a 256 -t 32 -n 10 -o /tmp/20060903_103422.ps

To stop the recording, simply send a 'TERM' signal (or press CTRL+C).


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