[linux-dvb] Intuix S820 Hybrib analog/DVD-T USB Tuner (Liteon, Dibcom, ...)

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Sun Sep 3 18:22:37 CEST 2006

Hi Jérôme,

On Sat, 2 Sep 2006, Jérôme Marant wrote:

> Hi,
> I've just been offered a Intuix S820 Hybrib analog/DVD-T USB Tuner:
> http://www.intuix.net/en/produit_TNT.php?code=IXTUDVBTS820&categorie=MULTIMEDIA&type=TNT
> Since it does not seem to be supported by linuxtv.org yet, but nonetheless
> seems to be built upon Liteon and Dibcom chips, I grabbed a snapshot from
> the ~pb/v4l-dvb mercurial repository and modified both
> linux/drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb/dvb-usb-ids.h and
> linux/drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb/dibusb-mc.c
> so it gets detected by the kernel and assuming that it is based on
> mt2060/dbi3000mc chips.
> Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be that simple, hence /var/log/messages:
> Sep  2 10:12:11 localhost kernel: usb 2-5: new high speed USB device using 
> ehci_hcd and address 5
> Sep  2 10:12:12 localhost kernel: usb 2-5: configuration #1 chosen from 1 
> choice
> Sep  2 10:12:12 localhost kernel: dvb-usb: found a 'LITE-ON USB2.0 HYBRIB-TV 
> DVB-T Tuner' in cold state, will try to load a firmware
> Sep  2 10:12:12 localhost kernel: dvb-usb: downloading firmware from 
> file 'dvb-usb-dibusb-'
> Sep  2 10:12:12 localhost kernel: dvb_usb_dibusb_mc: probe of 2-5:1.0 failed 
> with error -22
> Could someone tell me what I should start with? Do I need to write to the
> vendor in order to get technical specifications?

What exactly makes you think that this is a DiBcom-based device? Did you 
open it and saw the chips?

However, if it is really based on DiBcom the dvb_usb_dibusb_mc-module is 
not the correct one to be used, but the dib0700-driver, which is not yet 

best regards,

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