[linux-dvb] Coding support for Philips SAA7162E / Dual DVB-T Dual DVB-S and Analog PCIe Tuner

Richard Dale richard at interlink.com.au
Mon Sep 4 02:15:19 CEST 2006

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd introduce myself - I'm trying to code up support for the
SAA7162E PCI Express Interface chip that supports up to four simultaneous
digital streams.

I'm looking to get in contact with anybody else that has done any
investigation into this chip/card so we can compare notes.

I have the following card:
which appears to be based upon the Philips PCI Express TV reference design

and contains the following key chips:
2xTDA8263 (Satellite Tuner)
1xTDA10093 (Dual Channel DVB-S channel decoder)
2xTDA8275A (Terrestrial Tuner)
2xTDA10046A (DVB-T channel decoder)
1xSAA7162E (TV video/audio decoder, PCI Express Interface).

Here's some photos and a small info page I've put together:


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