[linux-dvb] firmware

ronald rwarsow at online.de
Mon Sep 4 02:18:28 CEST 2006

hi phil

phil taylor wrote:
> My questions are about firmware for USB DVB tuners, in particular the
> DigiTV one.
> Question One.
> Where is the firmeware supposed to go?
> Question Two.
> Why is this such a state secret? No one ever mentions this topic. Is it
> some kind of race memory? Am I supposed to be pick it up via ESP? lol
> I am using Debian Etch. If my tuner is in the warm state (after running
> Windows) then Linux picks it up and I can watch and record TV using
> Klear, Kaffeine, Gxine, etc.
> If I cold boot straight into Linux - the device is not recognised and I
> can do nothing.

what do your log files show up ?
try using udevmonitor in one console
- plug in your usb device
- maybe, reload the module
- let it running and start your tv application and see what's up than.
> I have placed the firmware file into /lib/firmware but it makes no
> difference.
just running fedora, then this path is correct.


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