[linux-dvb] LITE-ON USB2.0 DVB-T Tuner (dib3000) problems

dopez lists at dopez.xs4all.nl
Mon Sep 4 10:47:53 CEST 2006


I'm having trouble getting my usb stick working correctly, it works for about 
a minute after a reboot and then the stream starts corrupting and eventually 
no data comes anymore. (I need to reboot to get it working again)

I've turned on debugging for pretty much all modules involved and hope it 
should provide enough information, since it's a little big i put it on a 
website, http://www.xs4all.nl/~dopez/public/dvb-t/ , info.txt is what i did 
to create the log files.

I'm running latest v4l-dvb hg and tried on my laptop and desktop pc with the 
same results, both running SuSE 10.1 (linux

Please let me know if i need to provide more information or what i could try 
to fix these problems.

Thanks in advance


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