[linux-dvb] Is DVB-ASI supported in Linux ?

juha s. salmjuh at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 4 14:06:43 CEST 2006

Hi gurus

I have used Hauppauge Nova-T card for control/VOD purposes but now I need to 
take signal from remuxer, wich gives me only DVB-ASI signal.

So far I have managed to control this hauppauge card with very basic perl 
and bash script, using dvbstream and else to do the work.

After I have used dvbstrem to capture video I have transcoded it with 

Now I would to know, that is there any DVB-ASI card with proper drivers 
(Fedora 4/5) wciich I can use like this DVB-T card, i.e.:

nice --5 /DVB/dvbstream-0.6/dvbstream  -f658000000 -o -ps -v 550 -a 670 
-qam64 -cr2_3 > $VIDEOT'/'$TIME'_'$1.mpg
nice -+5 cat $VIDEOT'/'$TIME'_'$1.ts | 
/DVBVIDEOT/DVB/super_demux-0.3/super_demux -t 670  > 
#nice -+5 cat $VIDEOT'/'$TIME'_'$1.ts | 
/DVBVIDEOT/DVB/super_demux-0.3/super_demux -t 550 > $VIDEOT'/'$TIME'_'$1.mpg

nice -n +20 ffmpeg -i $VIDEOT'/'$TIME'_'$1.mpg -aspect $3 -vcodec msmpeg4v2 
-b $4 -ab 64  -s $2  /DVBVIDEOT/VIDEOT'/'$TIME'_'$1.wmv

So, is there any change to use DVB-ASI with all the scripts what I have made 

Thanks for any help

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