[linux-dvb] New VP7045 with TDA10046 instead of MT352 (was: VP7045 tuner doesn't work)

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Tue Sep 5 09:24:54 CEST 2006

Hi all,

On Tue, 5 Sep 2006, Stewart Smith wrote:

> I seem to be having the same issue as Chris had:
> Chris Wylie <linux-dvb at chriswylie.com> said:
> > Has no one else heard of one of these tuners using the TDA10046? This
> > must be something very new.
> I haven't pulled mine apart (yet)... but it reports itself as a V1.02
> device.
> It would be interesting to know what the revision of the working 
> > I have been studying the source code and it looks like vp7045-fe.c
> > contains similar code to mt352.c. The code in tda1004x.c could perhaps
> > be employed, don't yet see how to go about dynamically detecting which
> > of the two demod chips is present.
> I've started some hacking on the driver (largely blind) to see if I
> could get tda10046 frontend talking with the vp7045 driver.
> the tda10046 seems to be i2c based?
> and the only users seem to be the ttusb driver which uses a slightly
> different infrastructure than the vp7045? 
> My current code does not find a front end (and so can't be used), the
> main problem being not picking up a i2c adapter. This could be for any
> number of reasons I don't yet know about (pointers of what to look at
> are quite welcome).
> Anybody able to explain a bit about i2c and dvb-usb?

Hmm, what exactly is it you want to know? 

DVB-USB is layer, which includes some common code (for Linux DVB, USB, 
I2C, Remote) which is exactly the same between all DVB-USB devices I 
encountered so far.

To your device: I don't think, that you need to implement the control of 
the tda10046 from the host. I really think that Twinhan put this into the 
USB-controller (FX2) firmware. (like it is done with the mt352)

If you don't understand what this means, well, I'll try: Hmm, instead of 
writing the email, I put it on a wiki page: 

So, now that you know, that your device is falling into the 
firmware-controlled devices category, I think the next step is to get the 
firmware from the windows-driver or discuss with Twinhan, if they can send 

You can use http://benoit.papillault.free.fr/usbsnoop/ to get the log of 
the windows-driver.

best regards,

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