[linux-dvb] problems capturing analog and digital at the same time with lifeview trio

rghetta birrachiara at tin.it
Tue Sep 5 12:27:10 CEST 2006

According to the manufacturer, the lifeview trio should be able to
capture both analog and digital concurrently.
But, if I open (with mplayer, for example) a dvb-t channel and an analog
one at the same time, they tune correctly and display video, but with
very poor quality.
Analog is very disturbed, digital stutters, you get the idea.
While garbled, both channel seem to receive the correct video stream;
it's somewhat like multiplexing between the two channel half a second a
CPU usage is still around 65%, so there should be enough power to handle
both streams.

I'm using a fairly recent kernel (mandriva 2.6.17-3).

Suggestions ?


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