[linux-dvb] Where does the firmware come from

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Hi Alan

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> I am new at this, so forgive the naive question, but where 
> does the firmware come from. 

The firmware can come from a variety of places. E.g. The firmware for my Hauppauge Nova-T card is extracted from the windows driver file (i.e. it is compiled into the driver binary as a binary resource).

> I downloaded the firmware for my freecom usb dvb-t tuner from 
> a web site (not linuxtv.org) as a binary file which I found 
> in a post I picked up from the mail archives (because the id 
> of the unit is 14aa:0225 rather than the more standard ids), 
> and since then someone has said there is a bug in it, which 
> means we have to tune to integral no of MHz. 

Actually, the bug in the driver you're using (I assume it's the Freecom USB stick you wrote about over the weekend - very similar to the one I'm using) is to do with the fact that the transmitters have to 'slew' some of the frequencies so that the very powerful Analogue transmissions do not interfere with the much lower power digital info. The firmware/chipset in the driver is supposed to detect and cope with this, but doesn't - causing problems. The tuning requirement may be both up and down from the designated frequency. Apparently the information is published somewhere (an a per transmitter/mux basis) - I'm trying to find it and will let you have a copy when I locate it.



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