[linux-dvb] Where does the firmware come from

Alan Chandler alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk
Tue Sep 5 17:45:38 CEST 2006

Mark Howells writes: 

>Actually, the bug in the driver you're using (I assume it's the Freecom USB 
>stick you wrote about over the weekend - very similar to the one I'm using) 
>is to do with the fact that the transmitters have to 'slew' some of the 
>frequencies so that the very powerful Analogue transmissions do not 
>interfere with the much lower power digital info. The firmware/chipset in 
>the driver is supposed to detect and cope with this, but doesn't - causing 
>problems. The tuning requirement may be both up and down from the 
>designated frequency. Apparently the information is published somewhere (an 
>a per transmitter/mux basis) - I'm trying to find it and will let you have 
>a copy when I locate it.

After a bit of googling I went to here 


and used that to link to here 


which I used to get the channels for Crystal Palace by typing in my post 
code.  I then found here 


which gives the channel numbers for Crystal Palance as 

Mux 1 channel 25
Mux 2 channel 22
Mux A channel 32
Mux B channel 28
Mux C channel 34
Mux D channel 29 

I then looked up the channels here 


You need the centre frequency for digital - which is in fact the corrected 
frequencies that were talked about in previous posts. 

I have just made scan file for dvbscan (aka scan on debian) based on these 
numbers, rather than the single channel 25 number used in the distribution
and fed it into scan. [scan seems to go off after trying the centre 
frequencies you give it and explore lots of others - I killed it when it 
started to do that, but I still have all the channels I need saved into a 
channels.conf file] 


Alan Chandler
alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk
(via webmail - normally means I am not at my computer)

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