[linux-dvb] problems capturing analog and digital at the same time with lifeview trio

Hartmut Hackmann hartmut.hackmann at t-online.de
Tue Sep 5 23:46:30 CEST 2006


rghetta wrote:
> Hello.
> According to the manufacturer, the lifeview trio should be able to
> capture both analog and digital concurrently.
> But, if I open (with mplayer, for example) a dvb-t channel and an analog
> one at the same time, they tune correctly and display video, but with
> very poor quality.
> Analog is very disturbed, digital stutters, you get the idea.
> While garbled, both channel seem to receive the correct video stream;
> it's somewhat like multiplexing between the two channel half a second a
> time.
> CPU usage is still around 65%, so there should be enough power to handle
> both streams.
> I'm using a fairly recent kernel (mandriva 2.6.17-3).
> Suggestions ?
There is a limitation in the saa713x pci bridges: They are not able to
handle more than 4 simultanous DMA streams. This has the impact that if you
have DVB active, you are not able to use the so-called planar video formats,
but all others work.
I don't use mplayer frequently, but as far as i remember, mplayer uses a
planar format by default.
Can anybody jump in? As far as i know, mplayer allows to select the format.

Best regards

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