[linux-dvb] support for devices using DibCom 7000 and mt2060

Id2ndR id.2ndr at laposte.net
Wed Sep 6 10:20:19 CEST 2006

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo a écrit :
>   Hi,
>   I have just seen that there is now a frontend for dibcom 7000 chips,
> and also for mt2060 tuners. I would like to ask if there are any plans
> for adding support for different devices using them, and how could we
> contribute to it.

Hi Jose,

I've contacted DibCom one month ago and they answered me this morning :).
So they write to me that one of their developper is in linuxtv.org staff
and need only few time to commit dib7700 support. Maybe it's Patrick.
So, according to their answer, our problem will be resolved soon :).

About my e-mail sended to the list on 08/22/2006 11:58+2:00, I've read
on your blog and on the list that you have allready send feedback to
avermedia about available source code etc. So can you give me a copy of
the e-mail you send before ? (You can follow me directly rather than put
it on the list if you want).

Thanks by advance.

>   I am not an expert in C, but I can understand it, and I can also
> provide any info you need to make AverTV Volar USB device to work, as
> well as test it.
>   Cheers,

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