[linux-dvb] driver problems when using ck-patchset

Thomas Sattler tsattler at gmx.de
Wed Sep 6 19:02:29 CEST 2006

Hi there ...

Since 2.6.17 I have problems with my Terratec Cinergy T2 DVB-T (USB2.0)
receiver. Everything is fine on a vanilla kernel (=gentoo-sources) but
the drivers seem to be broken when using Con Kolivas interactivity
enhencements [1] (=ck-sources on gentoo). The ck-patches, which mainly
modify process scheduling, also work up to 2.6.16.

I tried two different tools for recording: dvbd [2] and dvbstreamer [3].
Both are able to record more then one channel within a multiplex.

When using dvbd I can only once select a channel, the driver seems to be
left in a bad state when dvbd stops using it. Also the module cannot be
unloaded, so I need to reboot to watch TV again.

With dvbstreamer its even worse: It only fails from time to time, but
when failing it kills keyboard input. This only happens when quitting
dvbstreamer. It seems that the enter key, with which I quit is endless
repeated. The box is at high system load and needs to be hard reseted.

I asked on the ck-list [4] for help and Mark Hill reported having
similar problems with a different card and another recording software.
So it seems to be not Terratec/Hauppauge specific.

Can anyone help me / give me a hint where to investigate further?


[1] http://kernel.kolivas.org
[2] http://dvbd.sourceforge.net/
[3] http://dvbstreamer.sourceforge.net/
[4] http://bhhdoa.org.au/pipermail/ck/2006-September/thread.html

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