SV: [linux-dvb] HVR1300 changes [spam-bayes]

Steven Toth stoth at
Wed Sep 6 19:02:44 CEST 2006

Wandunia & Thomas wrote:
> This is the first time I try installing anything without a detailed step by
> step guide, so I'm probably doing something wrong:
> I downloaded the tree and untared it.
> I switched to the root directory of the untared files and tried "make
> install" (after "su"). Then I rebootet, but my card still isn't recognised.
> In dmesg the last card on the "known cards" list is still #50 - not 56, and
> my card shows up as unknown.
> Then I tried "make" and then "make install" again (creating a lot of new
> files in the %/v4l subdirectory that I probably don't need?). I switched to
> the v4l subdirectory and did the same commands. But even though the
> installation looks ok (I don't get any errors) the card is still nocd t
> recognised.
> What should I do to get my card working?

Download the hvr1300 tarball.
Unpack it.
As root cd to the root of the unpacked directory.
# make clean
# make distclean
# make

At this point make sure you do  not have any build errors. The entire 
build process take around 120 seconds on my pc.

If the build finishes without error,

# make unload
# make install
# make load

At this point the card should be recognised if everything has 
built/installed correctly.

The procedure is described here:



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