[linux-dvb] Twinhan cab-ci problem in Fedora Core 5

Svante Järvstråt svante.jarvstrat at glocalnet.net
Wed Sep 6 20:29:00 CEST 2006

I tried the hack below.
dvb_bt8xx still could not find a frontend.

I have tried to change the location of the cards, without getting a better result.

I have also tried "rmmodding" everything I thought had to do with the cinergy card before modpobing the twinhan.
Still no result.

I guess next thing to do might be to remove the cinergy card.


> For the never driver the currently necessary hack works like this:
> "in dst.c line 1360
> !(state->dst_type == DST_TYPE_IS_CABLE) &&
> comment out that line and see whether you are getting any further."
> Though I don't think it will help with your particular problem. Could 
> there be some kind of conflict with your Terratec card?
> If you get it up and running, let me know how it works, especially if 
> you have encrypted channels and a CAM.

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