[linux-dvb] semi-recent regressions in automatic loading of DVB modules

Lincoln Dale ltd at interlink.com.au
Thu Sep 7 06:04:19 CEST 2006


> How are you installing the new kernel? DVB in 2.6.18 has a new feature,
> "dvb attach", designed to minimise the number of loaded modules. It 
> this that is breaking. If for some reason, your depmod information is
> incorrect, it'll break, and wont be able to load the modules.

i'm installing the kernel via:
  [in kernel src directory]  make -j2; make install modules_install
  [in dvb-v4l directory]     make -j2; make install

in the dvb-v4l tree, i have just about all the modules enabled for
compilation ('M') except those disabled by CONFIG_VIDEO_KERNEL_VERSION

depmod is run as a result of the 'make install' in the dvb-v4l tree.

from looking at the resulting /lib/modules/2.6.18-rc5ltd1/modules.dep, i can
see that no modules seem to think they have a dependency on mt352.
same for dst.

i also see mt352_attach as listed in
/lib/modules/2.6.18-rc5ltd1/modules.symbols:alias symbol:mt352_attach mt352
but don't entirely understand the twisty maze of
symbol_request/try_then_request_module/request_module to see why it would be

> Note that it is also possible to turn dvb attach off (its in the dvb
> menuconfig submenu) if you don't care about this functionality... then
> it'll function as previously; i.e. it'll load all frontend modules
> supported by a driver, not just the ones actually needed.

i'd love to help get this working/fixed!
any of the above give any clues for where else i should be looking?



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