[linux-dvb] some more details

Thomas Sattler tsattler at gmx.de
Thu Sep 7 09:44:16 CEST 2006

Hi again ...

> With dvbstreamer its even worse: It only fails from time to time, but
> when failing it kills keyboard input. This only happens when quitting
> dvbstreamer. It seems that the enter key, with which I quit is endless
> repeated. The box is at high system load and needs to be hard reseted.
It just happend again. Instead of rebooting the box I waited a few
minutes and observed the following at 'top':

 - dvbstreamer took 99.3% of CPU and 0.3% Memory being in state D
 - the systemload continuesly increased up to 7
 - CPU usage was 3% user and 97% system

I have nothing in the logs, nothing in dmesg.

Than I rebooted.


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