[linux-dvb] Manu MP tree versus torvalds tree

Jason Filos FILOS at de.ibm.com
Thu Sep 7 15:25:43 CEST 2006

Hi there,

I am using 2.6.18RC6 for an embedded system and would like to include the
STB0899 & STB6100 drivers found in Manu's MP tree to the dvb-core found in
the new torvalds tree.
How should I approach this, I tried creating a patch between the MP tree
and the recent torvalds tree but dev fs and stuff like this obviously are
not used in the new kernel. What would be the best way to extract STB0899
support for the new kernel, isnt there some sort of patch to be used on the
new torvalds tree or something ?

Best regards,

Jason Filos.

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