[linux-dvb] semi-recent regressions in automatic loading of DVB modules

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Thu Sep 7 16:54:10 CEST 2006

Lincoln Dale wrote:
> my system consists of 3 DVB-T single-tuner cards & 1 analog tuner.
> specifically:
>   1 x DvICO Fusion HDTV DVB-T1 (OEM version of T Plus;
>       requires: cx88, cx2388x, cx88-dvb, Zarlink MT352 frontend
>   1 x Twinham VisionPlus (bt878
>       requires: bt878, dvb-bt8xx, DST frontend
>   1 x AverMedia AV-771
>       requires: bt878, dvb-bt8xx, Zarlink MT352 frontend
>   1 x Hauppage WinTV (analog; bt848-based, requires bttv)
> due to the newness of the motherboard, i need to run a 'recent' (2.6.18rc5)
> kernel.  previously i used to run a 2.6.13 kernels without with whatever the
> stock dvb/v4l sync was as of 2.6.13.  (no need for tip-of-tree dvb).
> however, as of 2.6.18-rc5 kernel, dvb no longer functions correctly, so i
> need to run with tip-of-tree dvb.

I am happy to see that you and Andrew were able to determine that the
problem with dvb_attach was due to an old version of module_init_tools,
however, I am also very interested to hear about what was wrong with the
vanilla 2.6.18-rc kernel, that lead you to install the newer modules
from linuxtv.org .

Richard Dale speaks of a problem that he had in 2.6.18-rc6 with his
DViCO card...


...Is this the same problem that you had experienced?  If not, could you
provide some more information?

I tried 2.6.18-rc6 on my hardware last night and saw no such
problems.... but if this is indeed a problem in 2.6.18, I'd like to find
it right away.


Michael Krufky

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