[linux-dvb] Kernel and

ronald rwarsow at online.de
Fri Sep 8 22:05:03 CEST 2006

something is difficult to me, your are on diff. threads with this
problem. difficult to follow.
i wrote a email yesterday, but didn't send and throw it away after i
realized that you are on diff. threads...


Cornel van Lingen (PDT) wrote:
> Hi All,
> I think I have slept 8 hours in this week.
best to do it now !
but please send me/do first:
- your os ( i'm quit not sure: FC5 ?) [1]
- your card: iirc TwinHan 1025 DVB-S ? USB/PCI ?
    - exact model name: more than TwinHan ... ???
    - lspci -vv output

[1] else goto [2]
if so try:
all as USER
- cd <your-kernel-src> (best with

[maybe someone can *jump in here* to give a better advise]

- make mrproper
- check your Makefile => EXTRAVERSION= ???;
change it or del your old selfmade kernel (grub-entries, files 	
               under /boot and /lib/modules/<your-kernel>

- make oldconfig ! (all yes or modules)
- make xconfig (... menuconfig, or ...)
check the entries under MULTIMEDIA DEVICES
i suggest to leave them to the defaults made by oldconfig

[maybe someone can *jump in here* to give a better advise]

- make && make modules

as ROOT now
- make modules && make install
- check your firmware dir, move all, what's not needed out of the way; 
maybe get a new one (kernel-doc's: get_dvb_firmware)
- reboot

save and send me your
dmesg (dmesg >> dmesg-$(uname -r)
lsmod (lsmod >> lsmod-$(uname -r)

if all doesn't help and if don't get any further idea (after reading 
your dmesg/lsmod)

someone *must* jump in here to give a better advise...

start a *unique* thread (<your-card:exact model> <your problem>)

clear up your head. sleep !


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