[linux-dvb] Compro Videomate DVB-T200 and friends

James Fidell james at fidell.co.uk
Fri Sep 8 23:29:16 CEST 2006

Michael Krufky wrote:
> James Fidell wrote:
>> Unfortunately running "modprobe saa7134-dvb" appears to achieve
>> absolutely nothing at all.  The module loads, but gives no dmesg output
>> and no /dev/dvb devices are created.  Any ideas?
> This would usually happen if the driver doesnt think your card has DVB
> functionality, although that sounds unlikely in your case.  Maybe you'd
> have better results with the sources in linuxtv.org mercurial, unless
> Hartmut has any better idea...
> BTW, linuxtv.org's mercurial drivers will NOT build correctly against
> the FC5 kernel, due to the fact that FC5 is currently using a 2.6.18
> kernel which identifies itself as 2.6.17.  OTOH, if you're using the
> atrpms package repository, you can upgrade your v4l-dvb modules by doing:
> yum install video4linux-kmdl-`uname -r`

Ok, I've done that, but still look to be in the same position.

> umm... what makes you think the drivers can see the hardware?  You are
> using cx88-blackbird devices -- these do not have DVB functionality.
> You should see cx88-dvb announce the fact that it has loaded itself, but
> it will not do anything with those cards.

Grrr.  I was told by the person who gave them to me that they were
digital cards.  I'll forget about them and concentrate on the DVB-T200


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