[linux-dvb] CinergyT2 locking problem when tuning to ARD bouquet

richard at 2006.atterer.net richard at 2006.atterer.net
Sat Sep 9 17:42:26 CEST 2006


quoting Matthias Thomae from his June 20th posting 
> In short, viewing DVB-T channels from the ARD bouquet (the lowest 
> transmission band, I think) works very well with my CinergyT2 (SNR 
> ~70-75% according to femon), but when switching back and forth between 
> this bouquet and others, sooner or later locking is 'lost'. Other 
> channels still work. Locking can be regained by re-plugging the USB cable 
> (and restarting VDR).

I also own a Terratec Cinergy T2, and experienced exactly the same problem. 
A quite interesting detail is that I had trouble switching back to ARD with 
vlc, but *not* with kaffeine. Kaffeine worked just fine from the beginning.
I never tried vdr.

Usually, the symptom with vlc was that I had to switch to one of ARD's 
channels (Das Erste, arte, Phoenix, EinsPlus) as the *first* station after 
plugging in the T2, otherwise switching to it from another frequency would 

After a great deal of experimenting, I found an astonishingly simple fix: 
*Get a better antenna!* As soon as I connected a better antenna, switching 
back and forth between channels worked fine in vlc. My antenna looks like 
this (more or less): <http://www.yucel.de/max/DVB-Zim.Ant.jpg>

I noticed that (like me) you seem to live in Munich. I suspect that the 
ARD bouquet's signal might be weaker than the others; maybe it isn't 
broadcast from the Olympiaturm, or it is broadcast with less power.

Still, it is weird that kaffeine works fine. Judging from this, the T2's 
behaviour could probably be improved.



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