[linux-dvb] Yakumo QuickStick Basic DVB-T question

Dominik Kuhlen dkuhlen at gmx.net
Sun Sep 10 11:40:04 CEST 2006

On Sunday 10 September 2006 10:36, Alan Chandler wrote:
> On Sunday 10 September 2006 01:56, Tobias Stoeber wrote:
> > Hi anyone,
> >
> Strangely the signal value reported by tzap when I do this changes from
> about 4c4c when there is no amplifier to 3838 when there is.  IN fact, I
> can make the signal strength numbers rise, by adding coax segments (ie the
> little aerial extension leads with a plug/socket on each end) into the run
> from the aerial.  So despite the documentation saying that signal strength
> should be above 8000, it almost seems to me that it needs to be below 4000
> to work.
> (is this a dvb driver issue inverting a value somewhere?)
Your card reports signal strength in -dBm:
Without amplifier you get -76dBm (0x4c=76)
With  amplifier you get -56dBm (0x38=56)
You amplifier should have a label on it which states: 20dB. 


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