[linux-dvb] Twinhan 1025 FC4 kernel 2.6.11

Cornel van Lingen (PDT) cornel at pdtsa.co.za
Mon Sep 11 17:27:30 CEST 2006

Thanks Michael.

The reason I need kernel 2.6.11 is for the VIA MPEG acceleration drivers for
the CN700 board I am using.

Where can I find documentation or assistance for implementing
"backwards-compat" for kernel 2.6.11?

Best Regards,

Cornel van Lingen


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Cornel van Lingen (PDT) wrote:
> Hi All,


Please stop creating new threads about the same topic...  Since your
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> I now have the Twinhan 1025 card working nicely on Kernel and
> Fedora 4 distro. (Any body need some help, I have compiled enough kernels.
> so ask).


> Who can tell me how difficult it would be to get the latest v4l-dvb code
> compile on the 2.6.11 kernel that Fedora 4 ships with?

Nearly impossible.  (note the use of the word, 'nearly')  You would have
to implement backwards-compat for the older kernel...  I enabled
backwards compat for the dvb tree all the way through 2.6.12 -- any
earlier isnt worth it -- just use a newer kernel.

> Is there somebody who can help me with this please?

The sources in the v4l-dvb tree are backwards compatable with _vanilla_
kernels through 2.6.12 ...  SOME dvb drivers will build and work
properly with kernels as old as 2.6.10, but no older...  The same goes
for the v4l modules.  However: the hybrid drivers that require parts
from both v4l and dvb sybsystems will not work properly with any kernel
prior to 2.6.12

Michael Krufky

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