[Re: [linux-dvb] Compro Videomate DVB-T200 and friends

James Fidell james at fidell.co.uk
Mon Sep 11 22:14:22 CEST 2006

Replying to myself:

> So, everything looks good to me so far.  The only outstanding problem
> appears to be getting the firmware loaded.  Looking through the latest
> mercurial code, it appears that it's the saa7134-dvb module that's
> supposed to start the firmware loading off, so I guess I need to get
> the mercurial code built and see what happens.

And now I think I see why...

Before attempting to upload new firmware, both tda10045_fwupload and
tda10046_fwupload in tda1004x.c call tda1004x_check_upload_ok.  This
returns -EIO if it couldn't find valid firmware or 0 if valid firmware
is found.  Both the fwupload functions do:

        if (tda1004x_check_upload_ok(state) == 0)
                return 0;

which makes it look to me as if new firmware will never be uploaded
to the card if it already has valid firmware of an earlier version.

I may be heading in completely the wrong direction with this, but out
of interest I changed the above code to force a firmware upload, and
now get dmesg output:

tda1004x: found firmware revision 26 -- ok
tda1004x: waiting for firmware upload...
tda1004x: timeout waiting for DSP ready
tda1004x: found firmware revision 26 -- ok

So either it still isn't uploading, or the version I downloaded a couple
of hours ago isn't actually revision 29 at all.  Is there any easy way
to check?


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