[Re: [linux-dvb] Compro Videomate DVB-T200 and friends

ronald rwarsow at online.de
Mon Sep 11 22:56:56 CEST 2006

James Fidell wrote:
> hermann pitton wrote:
>> # DVB
>> KERNEL=="dvb",			MODE="0660"
>> SUBSYSTEM=="dvb", PROGRAM="/bin/sh -c 'K=%k; K=$${K#dvb}; printf dvb/adapter%%i/%%s $${K%%%%.*} $${K#*.}'", \
>> 	NAME="%c", MODE="0660"
sorry if i jump in !
- maybe a work around, if not known -
in /etc/rc.local
chown -R root.<your-user-name> /dev/dvb
  fix that prob. 4 me.



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