[linux-dvb] remote controls for integrated ir-receivers

Jan Schenk jan.schenk at weltderwunder.de
Tue Sep 12 11:38:20 CEST 2006

Hello list-members,
I am new to this list and first of all, I'd like to thank all developers of 
the open source community for their great work!

Despite hardware should not be the source of my problem, I'd like to mention 
I'm trying to set up a vdr on a Hermes 650 box, with a Creative Dxr3 card and 
a Yakumo QuickStick DVB-T device. The vdr is based on a GentooLinux system.

To the Problem:
The IR-Receiver inside the DVB-T-stick is recognized and set up correctly 
on /dev/input/event2, but the receiver only and only partially recognizes the 
Yakumo remote control, which came with the device.

If this is a problem, which has its roots in dvb-usb at all, is there a way to 
learn, which RCs are supported?

The Yakumo RC is to weak to work at a sensible distance, and since it has only 
18 buttons - of which only 8 are usable - it's not the best choice for 
remotly controlling a vdr.

Thanks in advance and please tell me what to improve in posting on the list,

Jan Schenk

e: jan.schenk at weltderwunder.de
web: www.weltderwunder.de

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