[linux-dvb] Help With LifeView FLYDVB-T Driver Install?

Hartmut Hackmann hartmut.hackmann at t-online.de
Wed Sep 13 23:24:24 CEST 2006


nospam312 wrote:
>> Hartmut:
>> The point is that you need to load the saa7134-dvb module. It currently
>> doesn't load automatically.
>> There are tons of slightly different Lifeview cards, so you should watch
>> the kernel log whether the card is properly detected. Most cards of this
>> vendor have a firmware eeprom, you don't need a separate file.
>> The driver in the Suse kernel might not be recent enough, in this case,
>> you need to obtain a snapshot from linuxtv.org and to compile it.
> Thanks.  When I do a modprobe saa7134-dvb an error is reported saying
> saa7134-dvb does not exist.  Is is possible to download a package for
> this or do I have to do a snapshot install from linuxtv.org?  If a
> snapshot install is required do you have an URL with easy to follow
> instructions for SUSE10.1?
Just install the kernel sources, download a snapshot, enter the
v4l-dvb directory, and do a make, make install. not sure, you might
need a make (x)config first.

>> ronald:
>> no experience with suse or/and esp. your card, but tda10046H
>> my guess:
>> try tda...lifeview firmware => get_dvb_firmware-script (kernel-docs)
>> removes big trouble 4 me.
> Good news I know my cards do work as if I use Mythdora I can tune and
> everything (this may mean I do not need the firmware I think.

That sounds odd, either the module is there or not...

> Not 100% reliable yet as for some reason I need to adjust the timeouts
> in MythTV otherwise it does not lock onto a signal correctly even
> though you know it have found a multiplex as the signal strength jumps
> from 0 to 50+.
> I will do more research to check the best timeout values for reliably
> tuning the channels as strangly of my two cards each is different.
> One seems to work with relatively low timeout values but the other
> needs much higher values.  Must be slight variations in the aeriel.

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