[linux-dvb] Where does the firmware come from

ronald rwarsow at online.de
Thu Sep 14 04:23:08 CEST 2006

Alan Chandler wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 September 2006 10:50, Alan Chandler wrote:
>> I am new at this, so forgive the naive question, but where does the
>> firmware come from.
>> I downloaded the firmware for my freecom usb dvb-t tuner from a web site
>> (not linuxtv.org) as a binary file which I found in a post I picked up from
>> the mail archives (because the id of the unit is 14aa:0225 rather than the
>> more standard ids), and since then someone has said there is a bug in it,
>> which means we have to tune to integral no of MHz.
>> I have tried installing the tuner under windows - but it is not at all
>> obvious to me which file under windows is the firmware either.

under ms windows:
there is *no* need to get the firmware file !
it's hidden in one of the drivers files.

if look in the script-file *get_dvb_firmware* (part of the kernel
documentation or google is your friend) you can see that this script
downloads the driver for your card from the internet and *extracts a 
part* of a special file.

under linux:
according to your card: you need the firmware file !

> I asked this question over a week ago.  Is there no one out there who can give 
> me the answer as to where this firmware originated from, and is it ONLY 
> available in binary form.
i would like to say it's always binary.
(for me) it's like a bios-file for the computer's bios.

try under linux: file <your-firmware-file> or
the hard way cat ...

i hope it's adequate. let me know, if *not*.

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