[linux-dvb] Preliminary support of Hauppauge Nova-T 500 Dual

Graham Stewart gstewart at xne.biz
Thu Sep 14 13:42:47 CEST 2006

Thanks for the efforts you are putting in on this.  I have now had a 
good go on the card.
My findings:

1. Only Tuner 1 works
2. The tuner appears to need tuning to the frequency twice, the first 
time only very few packets are received, after the second i get a whole 
3. More than one card IS supported correctly, again only tuner 1 works.
4. Once tuned the card seems very stable,  i've currently got 2 cards 
streaming 2 whole transponders.
5. CPU usage is quite low ( just a bit more than a budget ).
6. The card co-exists with a budget without problems.
7. Unlike the budget cards, you can set the frequency to the center of 
the transponder without the frequency offset and it will tune properly.
8. SNR reads as 0 at all times.

Graham Stewart

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