[linux-dvb] modprobing causes double the devices to be created

Alan Chandler alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk
Thu Sep 14 14:35:03 CEST 2006

As I believed my usb stick was giving the inverse of its signal strength, I 
thought I would try and modify the code (dtt200u-fe.c) to invert it.  As I 
am doing this remotely through ssh I don't have physical access to the 

However, before installing the revised module, I rmmod  dvb-usb-dtt200u, 
dvb-usb and dvb-core.  At that point all my /dev/dvb/adapterN directories 
had dissappeared. 

After installing the recompiled module, I then modprobed them back in the 
reverse order, checking for the existance of /dev/dvb after each step. 

Nothing appeared until I modprobed dvb-usb-dtt200u at which point, with two 
sticks connected I get FOUR /dev/dvb/adapterN directores.  The devices in 
each of these directories ALL have different minor id numbers. 

It seems that these extra devices are interacting in some way, as if I try 
to run tzap I get lots of usb protocol errors. 

Anyone any idea where this problem stems from? Is there some bug in the dvb 
handling code? 


Alan Chandler
alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk
(via webmail - normally means I am not at my computer)

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