[linux-dvb] technotrend t 1500 tuning issue

Raymond mantchala rmantchala at streamvision.fr
Thu Sep 14 16:53:15 CEST 2006

I'm trying to use a technotrend dvb-t 1500 card with a regular kernel. What I want is to tune to a transponder 
with the following parameters :
 freq              : 586000000 hz
 inversion         : off
 bandwidth         : 8 mhz
 fec low           : 1/2
 fec high          : 3/4 
 guard interval    : 1/8
 hierarchy         : none
 transmission mode : 8k
 modulation        : qam64
The card fails to tune if I use these parameters. But if I use for
frequency 586166000 hz and for inversion on then the card is able to
I have tested several other transponders with the same result. I have
to add 166000 hz to the frequency and to invert the inversion parameter.
Could somebody help me on this issue ?


Raymond Mantchala.

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