[linux-dvb] NOVA-T-500

Denis Cheong denis at denisandyuki.net
Sun Sep 17 15:45:18 CEST 2006

Robert Stanford wrote:

> I saw the post
> http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-dvb@linuxtv.org/msg18747.html
> ------------------
>> Was the DiB3000MC driver update that you released last month enough 
>> to support
>> the Nova-T-500 or is there still something that's dependent on the 
>> DiB7700
>> driver to get this working?
> Yes. Two things: the dib0700-usb-bridge-interface + a mechanism in 
> dvb-usb to handle two frontends on one device, both is almost ready, 
> but I have no time to clean up and commit. And I have to cleanup 
> before I can commit _anything_.
> regards,
> Patrick.
> -------------------
> 1. Is there any news on when this will be committed?
> 2. Is this list (linux-dvb) the best place to watch for when the 
> driver has been committed?

1. It was committed to Patrick's repository coming up to a week ago 
now.  It works, but only for the first tuner.  The second tuner will not 
receive a lock.  Patrick is aware of this and I'm sure he'll find a fix 

2. This list is the best place to look, and watch for Patrick's posts.  
In fact, search for his post within the last week where he talks about 
committing it, and everyone else talks about testing it and finding out 
these problems.

I still have reception problems on one TV channel using the card (ABC 
Melbourne) but other channels seem to be OK.  This may be a modulation 
issue or it may be a reception issue - but I've never had any problems 
receiving ABC before, so I am thinking it may be something else.  I just 
haven't had the time to check it out in too much detail yet.


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