[linux-dvb] Lifeview LR306 clone does not receive ch 7. SOLVED (partly)

Peter D. peter_s_d at fastmail.com.au
Tue Sep 19 07:36:24 CEST 2006

On Tuesday 19 September 2006 07:41, Hartmut Hackmann wrote:
> Hi, all
> Peter D. wrote:

> > Changing the configuration for channel seven from "hierarchy:
> > NONE" to "hierarchy: AUTO" and "Guard interval: 1/8" to "Guard
> > interval: 1/16" allows me to get standard definition channel 7,
> > but not HD or the guide.  More experimentation is necessary.
> No experiments necessary, see below.
> > I can only assume that;
> > A) the out-of-the-box configuration on Mandriva 2006 is wrong
> > B) the driver is smart enough to correct for mis-configuration
> > C) some interaction of the Kworld and MSI clobbers the
> > auto-configuration capabilities of the MSI driver.
> >
> > Perhaps something somewhere discovers that auto-configuration is
> > already done (or does not need to be done) once and does not try
> > a second time?  I am just guessing here.
> Aha! This is known, an improperly specified GI makes the channel
> decoder unable to lock!

GI = guard interval?

I am not so sure about assumption B any more.  Philip reported that a 
lone card can lock with (I assume) mis-configured channel data and a 
recent tip.  I have just done a test install with a lone card, 
mis-configured channel data, a recent kernel, but no tip and it could 
not lock.  

Assumption C might be a wild goose chase.  If I uncover any evidence I 
will report it.  

> I mentioned this before: there can be wrong parameters in the
> config files, i had this here in Hamburg too.

We are guaranteed to have wrong configuration files from time to time 
because broadcasters can, and do, change their format with little 

> Some channel decoders resp. their drivers ignore them and this
> is what you see: The files work with some decoders though they
> still are broken.
> Especially with recent firmware of the tda10046, i recommend to set
> all pararameters except the bandwidth to AUTO. This avoids such
> problems.

Kaffeine 0.8.2 has an "AUTO" option for bandwidth as well.  

Did you mean edit most of the fields 
in /etc/dvb/channels.conf-dvbt-australia to "AUTO"?

Things seem to be pretty much working now - after a bit of tweeking.  

Thank you.  

Peter D.
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