[linux-dvb] Club3D Zap TV2100

Lars Gjesse Kjellberg lars.g.kjellberg at get2net.dk
Tue Sep 19 10:55:20 CEST 2006

I happen to own a DVB-T receiver card of the abovementioned type. I can see 
from the output of dmesg that it reports itself as subsystem 12ab:2300, which 
is not recognized by the current cx88 driver. From a previous thread on this 
list I could recognize that the PCI subsystem ID is identical to a card of 
type Yuan PG300, which was reported to work using option 'card=43'. I can 
confirm that Club3D Zap TV2100 also works using the same option.
Actually, looking at the card itself reveals a label marked 'PG300', so 
obviously it must be a rebranded card.

Lars GK

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