[linux-dvb] cx88 pci_abort messages

Peter Fern v4l at obfusc8.org
Wed Sep 20 01:12:24 CEST 2006

Scott wrote:
> Greets.
> I have a FusionHDTV5 Gold RT running under Gentoo and vanilla kernel
> 2.6.18-rc7. The drivers load and I can view OTA ATSC streams using
> mplayer.
> I'm seeing the following message log:
>     cx88[0]: irq mpeg  [0x80000] pci_abort*
>     cx88[0]/2: general errors: 0x00080000
> What can cause these messages? Are the safe to ignore? Some output
> from my logs and lspci:

These are generally caused by another device stealing the IRQ from the
tuner card, and this is likely to cause corruption in your MPEG stream. 
To find out what devices the card is sharing an interrupt with, `cat
/proc/interrupts`.  Shuffle the card around until it's not sharing any
more, or
until it's sharing with a device that has sensible interrupt handling.


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