[linux-dvb] Tzap utilities questions - status of TDA10046

Georg Acher acher at in.tum.de
Wed Sep 20 04:03:29 CEST 2006

On Wed, Sep 20, 2006 at 09:51:42AM +0800, Chun Chung Lo wrote:
> Hi,
> So you mean that the "ber" occurence will not related to the captured TS
> quality ?

Not with this low ber value. If it increases (>0x5000-0xa000 in my
experience), you will get errors in the TS.
> I would like to clarify my question, which is as the status screen dump
> is shown below, the captured TS quality is so bad, some flahsing squares
> will appear on some frames randomly at some instance (just seems the
> captured TS packets are corruppted and missing).

If the reception is that bad, you should have at least unc != 0 a few times.

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