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Wed Sep 20 16:49:16 CEST 2006

Hi Steve 

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> Last I checked, VDR did not use V4L, it's a DVB (and maybe 
> ATSC) DVR application.

Maybe so - I haven't really checked yet. I'm still learning about this stuff....

> "Assuming a decent tuner lock", your basic assumption is true 
> but the subject runs much deeper than that.

Always, but at last my basic understanding appears to be correct. Can a V4L device provide MPEG streams like a DVB device? How does it provide EPG type info?

> Which product are you planning to work on? Which components? 
> Perhaps someone is already working on it, or we already have 
> drivers for parts of it.

It's unbranded but carries a product code of
    "VS-DVBT 355U"
Upon plugging the device, lsusb reports the device as 
    "Bus 1 Device 6: ID eb1a:e357 eMPIA Technology, Inc."

I've recently discovered that it contains a eMPIA 2870 device. As for any others I'll discover tonight when I get home from work and open it up ...



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