[linux-dvb] cx88 pci_abort messages

Lincoln Dale ltd at interlink.com.au
Thu Sep 21 05:05:36 CEST 2006

> I'm continuing to troubleshoot the above problem. Since I was seeing
> this under 2.6.18-r7 and 2.6.17-r8-gentoo (uses a slightly older
> version of linux-dvb and cx88 driver) I've moved back to using the
> 2.6.17-r8-gentoo kernel. That of course didn't make to much of a
> difference, I didn't expect it to.

i'd suggest you try latest 2.6.18 & perhaps combine it with dvb-v4l

> As suggested, I moved the card to another PCI slot. Now, instead of
> sharing an IRQ with the onboard Intel HDA audio, the card shares an
> IRQ with two USB controllers. That shouldn't be to bad. The only
> items on the USB bus are an LCD/IR imon receiver and other unused hub
> devices. But I still see the pci_abort messages while using the
> FusionHDTV5 Gold RT card to capture capture or view video. This is
> seen using either MythTV or mplayer.

most motherboard bioses allow you to configure explicit IRQs for different
PCI slots.  you should be able to find a combination where at least cx88
doesn't share its IRQ with any other device.

> So I'm wondering, what _else_ besides a device hogging the PCI bus
> might cause the above errors? 

from personal experience, i've found in the past that i got cx88_abort
errors where something had (incorrectly) put an incorrect card=XX into
/etc/modprobe.conf - so the card wasn't being autodetected but instead was
being forced to something it wasn't.

you may want to verify that it is indeed autodetecting it and/or 'dmesg'
output shows that it _is_ the correct card.

of course, when i had the incorrect setting, tuning via tzap didn't work.
(well - it did - it would "lock on" but never actually tune to what you
asked... presumably just locked onto what it was previously set to..).



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