[linux-dvb] Anyone interested in updating "FireSAT DVB" driver?

Paavo Hartikainen pahartik at sci.fi
Fri Sep 22 05:54:21 CEST 2006

Driver was supposedly written for Linux 2.6.6, after which IEEE-1394
and DVB subsystems have both gone through one or two major changes.  I
do not know how to write Linux kernel code, but I am trying to support
development in other way.  I can provide access to FireDTV DVB-T/CI
tuner device, now that I have one.  Either by setting up server with
full access or physically sending it to (preferably european)

 "pienena   /  Paavo "Rainbow Rat" Hartikainen
  minusta  /  E-mail: pahartik at sci.fi
  tulee   /  URL: http://www.sci.fi/~pahartik/
  rotta" /  EFnet: pahartik at #Atari and #LionKing

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