[linux-dvb] cx88 pci_abort messages

hermann pitton hermann-pitton at arcor.de
Fri Sep 22 23:51:36 CEST 2006

Am Freitag, den 22.09.2006, 17:33 -0400 schrieb Michael Krufky:
> Scott wrote:
> > Okay, I think I'm at the end of my rope. I can _reduce_ the frequency of
> > pci_abort messages on my FusionHDTV5 RT Gold by:
> > 
> > A) In BIOS, setting my DDR2 667 memory to run at DDR2 533
> > B) In BIOS, setting the default PCI Bus Latency to 32 instead of 64
> > 
> > But, I cannot eliminate them. Regardless of the bios tweaks and kernel
> > tweaks I've tried they never go away completely. Maybe I'm expecting to
> > much? Is it normal for the current driver to occasionally report a
> > pci_abort? For me occasionally appears to be between 1 and 3 times every
> > hour the tuner is busy recording.
> I have the original FusionHDTV5 Gold, and also the FusionHDTV5 RT Gold.
> (each in a different machine) I have never seen anything like this on
> any of my hardware.
> I have a bunch of other cards based on the cx2388x, including:
> FusionHDTV3 Gold-T, KWorld HardwareMpegTvXpert, and some others....
> These pci_abort messages never happen to me.
> Do you have another motherboard that you can try?  It sounds to me like
> this problem is specific to your platform.


there was a report once caused by that on the disk dma was not enabled.

Checked already if this could be the bottleneck with hdparm?


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